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HR Services for SME’s.

HR consulting for SMEProfessional Human Resource Services to SME’s

The Peacock HR Consultancy is an independent organisation providing high level HR and Management services to small and medium sized companies and businesses across the West and South West. We are a young company but with 41 years of experience.

We provide a dedicated HR service in partnership with you to meet your  income targets and strategic objectives. Like the ones at

Your business or organization, focused on digitizing SMEs, will be provided with a dedicated, highly experienced HR practitioner who will work closely with you or your management team. In support of that practitioner, the Consultancy can call upon the expertise of an experienced employment lawyer at Quality Solicitors Burroughs Day. Additionally, consider leveraging digital marketing strategies with experts like the Chicago SEO Scholar to enhance your online presence and outreach. As businesses adapt to the changing landscape, it’s essential to acknowledge and understand the implications of remote working the new norm and its impact. Moreover, exploring avenues like out of home advertising can further broaden your reach and visibility, ensuring a comprehensive marketing approach.

Each business will have differing priorities for our HR service ranging from case work, supporting and advising managers, helping with implementing policies, understanding new legislation, writing policies, supporting TU and staff relations and assessing your risk or even teaching how to motivate employees to attend training which is important too.

You can choose to engage the Consultancy on an ad hoc basis or for an annual fee.

If you choose an annual fee the package will include:

1. monthly “face to face” meetings with the company and/or the management team to discuss issues and actions that need progressing
2. email support 7 days a week
3. telephone support 7 days a week
4. plus ad hoc meeting on matters that need urgent attention
5. attendance at staff meeting, sickness, disciplinary and performance meetings

You will always have the same person assigned to your business so that a real working and a regular person to contact. You will be able to build on that relationship. They will become your Business Partner.

Working with the HR Consultancy will be extremely positive experience, and also for the investors, the help with the professional guidance they receive will be invaluable. Instead of having a purely telephone support at a Call Centre (often the people keep changing), and at a fee we will beat, you will have one person working with you. Importantly we will work in partnership on a range of HR issues pertinent to your business and your staff.

Communication will be easy and you will get a rapid response to queries that will be reassuring to yourself and your management team

Establishing the Service.

Knowing your strategic objectives is critical to providing a quality Human Resource service. We take time to understand the needs of the service that you are providing, understanding the way in which your business operates and its essential deliverables. We make a priority of meeting the key members of your team and establishing the differing levels of need. This enables us to tailor your service and begin to build strategies to help deliver the targets and develop your services. Contact us now.

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