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Les Caunce.

Les Caunce

Les Caunce is an experienced, pro-active and successful Human Resources professional. He is currently advising OCNSW trading as apt awards during a major reorganisation of staff and significant change strategy.

Les had a history of leading on human resource change and transformational strategies to secure lasting improvements often in highly political, unionised and complex employee relations environment.

Whilst an Executive Director responsible for employing 1100 teachers he ensured the College worked effectively with a semi-autonomous professional workforce out of a total workforce of 1950 people. On his watch the College achieved “Gold” in the most recent “Investors in People” assessment also taking the HR team to the TES awards as finalists.

Les can provide leadership and advice on all employment, employee relations, recruitment, training and pay issues.

Les provided HR Services to the provided to the Orchard School, Cathedral, Filton Avenue and the Bridge Learning Campus schools.

Ask not what A Group of Employees can do for you. But ask what can All Employees do for A Group of Employees.

Key Achievements: He has managed, developed and implemented strategic operational plans to drive forward the improvements and changes needed by organisations. He has:

  •  led and managed the introduction of new pay systems bringing down lecturing  hourly unit costs and clarifying job roles which positioned the College as one of the most efficient.
  •  developed a new leadership strategies and implemented team leadership at classroom level, and delayered a management tier. This brought teaching and learning accountability back to teachers, led by teachers who were from the team, of the team and in the team. This enabled the team to share leadership and decisions concerning their students. Quality of learning improved in the first year as student progress was being monitored at a lower level.
  •  led on a major consultation exercise with 200 managers in 2012/13 saving £2.8m for the organization and in 2010/11 a further saving through staff reorganisation of £3.2m
  •  led on the outsourcing the marketing and sales function
  •  introduced flexible working contracts for all front line services allowing evenings to be staffed in libraries, learning centres, security services, reception areas, learner services and IT support.
  • built an excellent reputation with trade unions. This helped through three mergers and several acquisitions. In particular in explaining to the trade unions why HR policies, pay systems and structures had to align with the major strategic aims of “Growth” and organisational ‘Diversification”. This was during the period 2005–11.
  • negotiated, at TU Officer level, new dismissal policies and procedures which are in line with commercial private industry practice
  • led on the development and implementation of competence and training frameworks for 100+ middle managers and senior manager
  • introduced the concept of the staff journey and engagement from start to exit.
  • equalised part-time terms and conditions and ‘casual’ contracts affecting 800 members of staff; the result dramatically increased business stability quality improved, integration achieved, a cut in staff turnover for this group from 45% to 10%.
  • led over 100 staffing or organisational reviews meeting the targets in order to deliver its planned programmes and delivering contracts

What Client Say About Me

Les Caunce is a very skilled HR professional, strategic HR leader and expert tactician who is as skilled and comfortable at an executive level as he is explaining HR basics to new employees and managers. His broad experience makes him a unique addition to any team and his dynamic personality makes him a pleasure to work with.

Les Caunce brings a methodical, thorough, and yet uncomplicated approach to HR, providing support and guidance to the any executive or management team and employees alike. He is a true and tireless professional, always willing and able to handle any type of project. He has the ability and agility to handle whatever is thrown his way while maintaining grace and diplomacy and holds himself to the highest standards in terms of quality and productivity.

Les is a pleasure to work with, and I’d welcome the opportunity to do so again.

Richard Thorold, Former Principal Gatehead College
Working with Les I am confident that HR issues were in safe hands even through we had periods of complex and difficult organisational change. I was particularly impressed at the way Les supported managers to make their own informed HR decisions.

He also has an impressive (and very useful!) ability to establish good working relations with the unions.

Prue Taylor, Former Deputy Principal City of Bristol College and currently a Management Consultant
Les hits the floor running and becomes immediately effective in helping and solving all HR developments.
Hugh Street, META Ltd.


Les Caunce


 Specialisms – Working with SME’s, Academies, Schools, Not for Profit and Public Organisations on general HR services, Change Management, TUPE issues, Downsizing, Investigations, Organisation and Workforce Development, Quality Improvements and People Casework.


BSc Economics, Economics, Politics and Sociology
Post Graduate Diploma in Human Resources
Masters in HRM – taught programme, Human Resource Strategic Management
Director of Human and Physical Resources
City of Bristol College
1994 – 2013 (19 years)
Senior HR Officer/ Manager posts
Local Government
1979 – 1993 (14 years)
Bristol City Council,
Avon County Council,
South Gloucestershire.
Bristol Office
T 07554 191819


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